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The Network Union is one of BT’s Premier Partners with experience setting up BT Reseller accounts for companies and organisations since 2010. In order to help you make the decision on whether BT Business represents a good route to new revenue streams, we’ll discuss some of the pitfalls, opportunities and the process to follow if your organisation decides to submit an application.

The Netify BT Reseller Programme offers 70% commission share across BT Business products with extensive compliance & product training with exceptional admin resources. Click to learn more.

What are the steps to joining the BT Reseller Programme?

1. Register your interest with a BT Partner, please view our application form to learn more.

2. Attend an initial onboarding call, we learn a little about you, you learn about how we work together with available products, process and BT brand compliance.

3. If we decide to proceed, specific product training is available depending on areas of interest, e.g. Broadband, Cloud Voice, Ethernet leased lines, Mobile and SD WAN (with Cisco Meraki or Viptela).

4. We’ll introduce you to our BT Partner team including product specialists and partner manager.

5. A Network Union dedicated account manager is assigned, paperwork is signed.

6. Welcome to BT, you will receive a unique BT Reseller ID.

While the above is slightly simplified, the steps represent the basics of an application to join BT’s Reseller Programme.

Is BT commission sales or white label better for my business?

We offer the choice of becoming a BT Reseller as a commission agency or white label BT Wholesale Reseller:

1. Commission based BT Reseller Programme - receive upfront payments across BT Business. Becoming a BT Reseller on a commission basis allows you to focus on your core competencies. In our experience, businesses that wish to leverage telecoms revenues without the administration of support, billing and contracts are best placed to follow the commission programme. BT pay commission based Resellers shortly after the customer's service has been installed against a unique Reseller ID enabling your business to track your revenue and order status.

2. BT Wholesale Reseller Programme - low margin buy pricing from Network Union; set your own pricing, contract and bill your client. Our BT Wholesale programme positions your business to sell white label from the BT portfolio including lines, Broadband and Ethernet. If you are interested in following the route of white label, your business should note that terms depend on trading history. I.e. a startup would be better suited to the commission model in the first instance. We offer our Resellers the choice of either commission or white label and even a mix of the two where required.

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What products are available via the Reseller Programme?

Lines and Broadband including Bundles and Offers - Across both our commission programme and wholesale, lines and FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet), FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) and standard Copper services are within the portfolio. Where your customer is looking to make the most of their PSTN service, we are able to apply unlimited calling plans and upgrade service levels including Critical care lines. * Note: Certain product features are not available via Wholesale.

BT Cloud Voice - One of the most compelling and lucrative products is BT Cloud Voice, based on the Broadsoft hosted telephone service. Cloud Voice is currently offered with 18% commission calculated based on TCV (total contract value), paid upfront once the service is installed. On the white label front, we offer great buy pricing with the ability to make good percentage revenues. Going back to the commission side, we are often able to waive ISDN-2 and ISDN-30 early termination fees enabling the customer to migrate their legacy service early.

BT Ethernet services - including BTNet leased lines and data circuits (WAN). BTNet leased lines are now offered with Cisco Meraki WiFI and an optional security module. Current costs range from £340 )for 100Mbps) per month which represents the more expensive area of the market vs the competition. With this said, the network architecture of BTNet is robust which, when coupled with Cisco Meraki, represents a great option for your customers preferring comprehensive SLA's and the best possible IP traffic performance. In addition to standard single BTNet leased lines, diversity and resilience are available together with EFM (Ethernet First Mile) if full fibre costs are prohibitive. The data side of BT Business is represented by SHDS (Short Haul Data Services), Optical Connect and SD WAN over the Internet or MPLS/VPLS connectivity on a UK & Global basis.

BT Mobile - Apple / Samsung and SIM only. BT acquired EE (Everything Everywhere) back in 2015. The channel offering is not available from Network Union as white label, we only offer the service as commission based revenues via the BT Mobile brand. The current product is not ideal for channel partners where fast delivery of mobile phones is required since the process results in delivery of approx 5 to 10 working days. With this said, the pricing is competitive and products are updated on a regular basis including the latest iPhone and Samsung handsets. With commissions set at 14% of the TCV (total contract value), selling mobile is a great way to build telecoms revenues, especially as BT supply the handset, support and bill the customer.

What else to know?

In 2009, The Network Union became a BT Business Partner. What we didn’t know then is that to be successful working with a logistical giant that is Brtish Telecom requires a commitment to a way of operating. The success of our work is as much about setting customer expectations and understanding process as it is being able to present the next greatest product or solution. Our hard-won experience over the years has positioned us to become one of the leading distributors of BT Business services via our Authorised Reseller Programme.

What makes a successful BT Authorised Reseller? One common answer is that product knowledge is critical to a successful outcome. Without a doubt, understanding the portfolio and services is critical, as is sales process, systems and is ensuring the right presales information is captured. We’ve found that there is a number of areas that are critical to get right in order to achieve a successful outcome.

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