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Join the Netify BT Reseller Programme

How to join the BT Reseller Programme

Follow these 6 Steps to Become a BT Reseller:

  1. Research: Locate a BT Distributor or Partner by searching 'BT Reseller Programme'.
  2. Application: Complete the initial application form to start the process.
  3. Initial Call: Schedule a call to understand BT Reseller benefits, products, commission, and sales processes.
  4. Reseller ID: Your Distributor or Partner will apply for your unique BT Reseller ID.
  5. Onboarding: Learn about BT Business Broadband, BT Cloud Voice, BTnet leased lines, and order process.
  6. Ongoing Support: Receive continuous support from your Distributor or Partner.
How to become a BT Reseller

The BT Authorised Reseller Programme offers a simple and fast way to become an ISP.

Learn more about how to access BT connectivity products including BTnet Ethernet leased lines, Broadband and complex data services.

The BT Reseller Programme brings together an iconic UK brand, Netify (the largest UK BT distributer) and innovative telecoms products as the enabler to a fantastic new revenue stream for your business. And, BT is unique in the channel because they also encourage resellers to upgrade their existing customer base which means the opportunity exists across both new business and transitioning their existing base to new services.

Once you have decided to become a BT Reseller, the next step is to complete an application to register your interest. The second step is an investigation call to tell you more about the reseller opportunity but also to learn about your business. We'll walk you through the the BT products and guidelines together with the value Netify provides as the enabler to helping your business succeed.

If there's a good fit between BT and your business, you will be invited to an onboarding call which will walk you through the ordering process and products training (depending on needs). While there is no specific criteria or cost for joining the BT Partner Programme, your business will be expected to commit to training and learning across the BT Business portfolio. We know from experience that Resellers do not succeed without product knowledge and an understanding of process.

With the switch off of PSTN phone lines and ISDN by 2025, the opportunity to transition your customers to fast SOGEA, FTTP and BTnet leased line Internet with Cloud Voice technology is now. 

What are the prerequisites for becoming a BT Reseller?

There following are required as a minimum in order to setup as an Authorised Reseller:

  • Registered company house number
  • Trading address and postcode
  • Admin telephone number and email address

There are no upfront costs or fees associated with joining the programme.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a BT Reseller?

Becoming a BT Reseller allows your business to leverage the power and prestige of the BT brand which is recognised not only within the UK but also on a global basis. Adding BT to your business as an Authorised Reseller opens up more opportunities - you'll receive the BT logo with brand guidelines to help you maximise the brand for your business.

BT's product portfolio is stronger than ever with a wide range of products and services including Broadband, Cloud Voice, BTnet leased lines and EE Business. There's also the option of further increasing commissions from BT's VAS (Value Added Services) which includes Complete WiFi, Office 365 and Secure Cloud Backup.

In addition, your business will benefit from working with our assigned Partner Manager, Cloud Voice Specialist and Data Specialist together with Netify admin resources. Netify provides an order portal which is where resellers place orders across all products and are also provided with the latest news and offers. Reporting across order status, progress and commissions is also provided using Airtable (an online version of Excel) which means you are able to understand your reseller account at any point during the working month.

What are the BT Reseller Programme commissions?

The BT Reseller Programme is a commission-based model where resellers earn revenue from selling BT  services on an agency basis. Resellers operate under BT brand guidelines with customer support, billing and contracts all handled by BT with commission paid based on the sales order value.

Commissions are calculated as percentage of SOV (Sales Order Value) and are paid up at the end of each month once the customer service is live. The BT commissions team perform calculations on around the 10th of each month based on completed orders. If your order has been delivered and closed before the 10th of any given month, you will receive commissions at the end of that month.

Unlock High Commissions with BT Reseller Opportunities

Section Commission Key Features
Resell BT Broadband SOGEA & FTTP 20% Seamless Connectivity, Lightning-fast Speeds, Future-proof Phone Line, Round-the-clock Support
Resell BT Cloud Voice Express 18% Portability, Nuisance call blocking, Smart voicemail, Handset included, Call diversion
Resell BT Cloud Voice 20% Seamless call handling, Enhanced collaboration, Uninterrupted communication, Expert support, Easy scalability, Automatic updates
Resell BTnet Leased Lines 33% Exceptional reliability, Speeds, Increased control, Enhanced security, Dependable service, 24/7 support
Resell EE Mobile & SIM Only N/A Unmatched reliability, Fastest speeds, Extensive 5G coverage, Constant innovation, Stay Connected Data promise

Authorised Reseller sales is in contrast with BT Wholesale where white-label resellers rebrand the BT services as their own service wrap to customers. If your business is interested in this route, you will set the product pricing and keep the difference between your sale price and the wholesale price. 

In summary, commission-based reselling is a good option for businesses which prefer to leverage the reputation of an established brand and want to avoid handling customer support. White-label reselling might be more suitable if you want to build your own brand and have more control over pricing and are capable of providing customer support and billing.

Below. Comparison matrix commissions vs white-label telecoms reselling.
  Indirect Commission-Based Telecoms Resellers BT Wholesale White-Label Telecoms Resellers
Definition Resellers who earn commissions from selling telecom services of a provider. Resellers who rebrand telecom services as their own and sell them to customers.
Revenue Resellers earn a commission based on the sales order value. Resellers set their own pricing and keep the difference between their price and the wholesale price.
Brand Resellers sell under the brand of the telecom provider. Resellers sell under their own brand, offering a more personalised customer experience.
Customer Support Customer support is usually handled by the telecom provider. Resellers are responsible for providing customer support, allowing for more control over the customer experience.
Contract Contracts are typically owned by the telecom provider. Resellers own the customer contracts, providing more control over terms and conditions.

Which products are available for BT Resellers?

BT Reseller Options

Resell BT Business Broadband (ADSL, FTTC, SOGEA & FTTP)

Joining the BT Reseller Programme offers the opportunity to sell high-speed FTTC, SOGEA and FTTP BT Broadband services to your customers. One of BT's main selling points is their Hybrid 4G Backup which leverages 4G failover and provides an Always Connected Guarantee.

With FTTP speeds of up to 900Mbps and access to over five million BT Wi-Fi hotspots, BT Broadband enables your customers to work from home of from locations across the UK. Cybersecurity is one of the key value areas which will help sell the BT Broadband products set - BT offers robust security measures which includes content filtering and virus scanning with 24/7 tech support. Resellers are also able to offer customers the BT Business Smart Hub 2 (the BT WiFi router).

The Complete Wi-Fi product enhances coverage throughout the workplace with a full mesh signal boost which ensures performance is consistent throughout the home or branch-office. Customers experiencing any issues with coverage can request Expert Setup (free with the Broadband Enhanced product feature set) which will arrange for an engineer visit.

As a reseller, promoting the complimentary Smart Hub 2 to new customers or existing customers upgrading to Complete Wi-Fi or Hybrid Backup creates an attractive selling point. BT allow any customer to purchase the Smart Hub 2 at a cost of £100.

Below: BT Business Broadband feature matrix.
Feature Description
Smart Hub 2 A modern router designed to provide reliable and fast internet connectivity across the business premises.
Unlimited Broadband Data There are no data caps, allowing for continuous internet usage without worrying about overage charges.
Access to Over 5 Million Wi-Fi Hotspots Provides internet access on the go through a vast network of Wi-Fi hotspots.
Dynamic IP Address The IP address changes each time you connect to the internet, providing additional security.
Content Controls and Web Protect These features help protect your business from online threats and control the type of content that can be accessed.
Hybrid Speed Boost Broadband (ADSL) Only This feature uses both the broadband and 4G network to boost internet speed.
Valueline A cost-effective phone line service for businesses.
Digital Line + Handset Provides a digital phone line and a handset for business communication.
Digital Broadband Upgrade to Premium Care - Acquisition Only An upgrade option that provides premium customer care service.
Cloud Voice Express App - Take Calls Anywhere - Digital Line Only This feature allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere using the Cloud Voice Express app.

Resell BT Cloud Voice & BT Cloud Voice Express

Cloud Voice and Cloud Voice Express are gaining market-share due, in part, to the PSTN and ISDN switch off which is due for completion in 2025. BT Resellers are maximising these opportunities by selling BT's full featured VoIP products in combination with broadband and leased lines which is resulting in excellent commissions.

Customers no longer require any on-premise hardware as the entire solution is cloud-based which ensures simplicity and with consistent and regular software updates. This makes selling BT Cloud Voice an attractive and straightforward proposition for you as a reseller.

Your customers can choose from Poly and Yealink handsets or they can utilise the Cloud Voice app for making calls from mobile devices. As a reseller, the ability to support popular phone brands plus the convenience of the Cloud Voice app strengthens the value proposition of the BT Cloud Voice.

The full Cloud Voice product is available for 3 users and above with Cloud Voice Express designed as a PSTN replacement with a set of fixed features.

Below: BT Cloud Voice Reseller feature matrix.
Feature Description
Cisco Webex Teams Schedule meetings, call in audio, personal meeting room (PMR) for up to 100 participants. Also includes voice and video conferencing with collaboration and integration to MS Teams.
Call Director Keep your BT line ID even when calling from somewhere else.
Voicemail Voicemail messages can be sent straight to your inbox.
Hunt Group Lets multiple phones ring when a number is called.
Online Portal Stay in control of call management features wherever you are.
Automatic Call Routing Automatically send calls to another phone.
Call Transfer Transfer calls internally or externally - even to a mobile.
Three Way Calling Add a third person to join an existing conversation.
Call Recording Record calls and store for up to seven years, ensures quality and compliance.
Call Analytics Understand what’s driving your business and where to make changes.

Resell BTnet Leased Lines

BT Leased Lines offer symmetrical, dedicated bandwidth with speeds from 100Mbps to 10Gbps. There remains a strong sales opportunity for BTnet even with the advent of 900Mbps FTTP bandwidth. The reasons are due to the 100% uptime gurantee which also offers latency and jitter guarantees (important for application performance) on a global basis. Unlike Broadband, BTnet circuits are dedicated to each customer which means the performance is always optimal. The creation of ultra-resilient solutions is also possible by ordering Secure Plus which adds a secondary circuit with no single point of failure (subject to survey). Lastly, the BTnet support team is dedicated to leased line customers and offers specialist knowledge across the product and features.

BTnet Leased Lines utilise Cisco Meraki or standard Cisco routers to provide your customers with a fully managed service. The addition of Meraki provides important security features which includes firewall, intrusion prevention and web filtering features. As a reseller, these features serve as strong selling points and help in attracting customers seeking a premium internet service.

Below: BT Leased Line Reseller feature matrix.
Key Features Description
BTnet Leased Line Internet Access Provides dedicated internet access with speeds ranging from 2Mb to 10Gb.
Terms Available on 3 and 5 year terms.
Funding The first £2,800 is funded by BT.
BTnet Express Supports up to 100Mbps speeds using EFM and GEA cabling options.
Contention Ratio 1:1 (fully uncontended).
Usage Unlimited with no fair usage policy.
Availability SLA 100% availability Service Level Agreement.
Target Fix Time for Faults 5 hours.
Integrated Wi-Fi, Guest Wi-Fi and Simple LAN Available with Cisco Meraki equipment only.
BTnet Security Package Ready Available with Cisco Meraki equipment only.
Resilience Options Includes Backup, Failover, and Load Balancing.
SLA – Latency (UK) Less than 20ms.
Free Standard Allocation of IPv4 Static Addresses Provided as standard.
Optimised for Voice and Applications Ensures high-quality voice and application performance.
Ethernet Fibre Supports up to 10Gbps speeds.

EE Mobile and SIM only

BT Resellers are able to access 3 offers across EE business plans: Business Essential, Business All Rounder and Business Full Works.

The Business Essential plan is the entry-level offering providing:

  • unlimited minutes and texts
  • 5G speeds
  • Stay Connected Data
  • WiFi Coverage Boost
  • Annual Device Check-Up
  • Extended Warranty

The Business All Rounder plan includes:

all the features of the Business Essential plan plus one Inclusive Extra, such as Microsoft 365 Personal, an Apple Service, 500 minutes to call Europe or Business Zone countries, or the Roam Abroad Pass.

The Business Full Works plan offers:

Android users are able to add three Inclusive Extras and the Apple Full Works plan includes Apple One and a choice of one Inclusive Extra.

Below: Summary of the BT Reseller product matrix.
  Broadband Cloud Voice Express Cloud Voice BTnet Leased Lines
  • Available with Essential and Enhanced feature set
  • Customisable filter levels and web protection
  • 4G failover and Expert Setup
  • Connect with clients and colleagues using business number
  • Keep your number for life
  • Block nuisance calls
  • Voicemail to text
  • Call divert feature
  • Make and take calls on any device
  • Built-in Cisco Webex for collaboration
  • Keep working in any conditions
  • Expert help and dedicated 24/7 UK-based support
  • Scalable and up-to-date
  • Reliable dedicated internet connection
  • Unlimited data with symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and LAN (with Cisco Meraki)
  • Market-leading 100% availability SLA
  • Data centre access

Frequently Asked Questions

What BT Business contract terms are available?

Reseller product contract terms are 24, 36 and 60 months. Note that only stand-alone Solus Broadband and the full Cloud Voice product is available on 36 and 60 month contracts.

How does BT local business work?

BT Local Business works in a similar way to BT Partners and BT Resellers. However, Local Business owners operate authorised area franchises and are responsible for that given area.

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Why join the Netify BT Reseller Programme?
  1. Generous commissions - Up to 70% commission share across all BT Business products.
  2. Admin support - Netify currently process the most order within the BT UK indirect channel.
  3. Brand - Netify is able to award your business with Authorised BT Reseller status..
  4. Training - Comprehensive training with onboarding and brand guidance.

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