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Unlock a brand new Business Broadband reseller revenue stream with BT Business and Netify.

  • Up front commissions paid on installation of your customers service
  • Add BT Broadband and BTnet leased lines to add further value
  • Leverage one of the best known brands in the industry
  • Supported by the most successful BT partner in the channel


Become a BT Reseller with Netify

Netify BT VoIP Reseller Programme (Cloud Voice)

Partner with one of the UK's most recognise brands by becoming an Authorised BT Cloud Voice (VoIP) Reseller with Netify. 

Netify is the largest distributer for BT Business, we pay significant commission on new sales which are paid up front based on SOV (Sales order value). Plus, bundle BT SOGEA & FTTP Broadband or BT Leased Lines to further increase your revenue. Key benefits of BT Cloud Voice include:

  • Full flexibility - Empower your customers to work from anywhere with hot-desking, remote working, and hybrid working options.
  • Local presence - Users can take their office numbers with them on any device, maintaining a professional image and local presence.
  • Built for collaboration - BT Cloud Voice integrates with leading collaboration platforms like Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams.
  • Disaster preparedness - Enable your customers to continue working seamlessly, regardless of unforeseen disruptions.
  • Centralised control - Manage all communications through a single intuitive online portal, which can integrate with CRM systems for a streamlined user experience.
  • Scalability - Easily add or remove users as your customers' businesses grow or evolve.
  • Cost efficiency - With no hardware or maintenance fees, customers only pay for actual users, not for the full capacity of traditional phone systems.
  • Security - BT Cloud Voice offers end-to-end security, including encrypted calls and 24/7 monitoring.

By becoming a BT Cloud Voice Reseller, you can leverage these benefits to create a compelling offering for your customers. Becoming a reseller not only expands your portfolio and helps you stay competitive, but also helps your customers enhance their communication capabilities while improving their bottom line.


What are the high level features of BT Cloud Voice?


Join the Netify BT Reseller Programme

Sell BT Broadband, Cloud Voice and BTnet leased lines.


What are the current BT VoIP Reseller commissions?

All commissions are paid upfront upon completion of your customer's contract.

Why choose the BT Business VoIP Reseller Programme?

BT's commission-only sales agency model is a standout offering in the VoIP reselling industry, providing businesses with a reduced financial risk. 

This model is particularly appealing to high-performing sales agents due to up front commission payments. With BT's commission-based approach, BT retain ownership of the contract and they provide billing with direct customer support. With the demise and switch-off of the PSTN and ISDN network which is occurring in 2025 the opportunity to earn substantial commission is happening now.

The alternative is to join the BT Wholesale VoIP reselling model involves purchasing VoIP services from BT  and reselling to your  customers. While revenues in this model may take longer to realise your company maintains control over the contract, billing and client support. Note, we do not offer BT Wholesale.

How to be successful at reselling VoIP?

When boarding new resellers, we always outline 3 key areas which are important to the success of your BT Partnership.

  • Product knowledge - understanding all aspects of the BT Cloud Voice product is critical to your success. Without taking the time to understand the key product value, prospects and customers will only consider price as the decision making factor.
  • Work ethic - contacting enough prospects each day will ultimately create opportunities for Cloud Voice.
  • Data - regardless of your route to market, GDPR compliant contact data is required to ensure your agents are making contact with the right businesses.

What benefits does BT Cloud Voice offer?

The BT Cloud Voice product is managed and maintained via a simple to use web interface.

Key features include quick setup, site and user administration, auto attendant, call group administration and call centre administration.

Users will have access to a range of default and advanced user features and call handling capabilities. Additional services include call recording and analytics, on-hold music and professional messaging to the enhance customers' waiting experience. BT also provides comprehensive training packages to ensure you and your customer can effectively utilise the platform.

Can you sell to existing BT customers?

Yes, if you find a BT customer with an existing service, you will be able to perform an upgrade and bring that deal into your BT reseller account. However, the customer must be at least 18 months from the end of their existing BT Cloud Voice contract or less than 6 months before the end of their existing BT Broadband contract.


Which handsets can you sell as a BT VoIP Reseller?

The following handsets are available across BT Cloud Voice sales.
Broadband options table

BT Cloud Voice Calling Packages

UK Call Sharer PlansInternational Fixed Only Call Sharer PlansInternational Fixed & Mobile Call Sharer Plans
BT Cloud Voice UK unlimited planBT Cloud Voice international sharer plan 100 minutesBT Cloud Voice international sharer plan 100 F&M minutes
BT Cloud Voice UK sharer plan 500 minutesBT Cloud Voice international sharer plan 200 minutesBT Cloud Voice international sharer plan 200 F&M minutes
BT Cloud Voice UK sharer plan 1,000 minutesBT Cloud Voice international sharer plan 500 minutesBT Cloud Voice international sharer plan 500 F&M minutes
BT Cloud Voice UK sharer plan 2,500 minutesBT Cloud Voice international sharer plan 1,000 minutesBT Cloud Voice international sharer plan 1,000 F&M minutes
BT Cloud Voice UK sharer plan 5,000 minutesBT Cloud Voice international sharer plan 2,000 minutesBT Cloud Voice international sharer plan 2,000 F&M minutes
BT Cloud Voice UK sharer plan 10,000 minutesBT Cloud Voice international sharer plan 5,000 minutes 
BT Cloud Voice UK sharer plan 20,000 minutesBT Cloud Voice international sharer plan 10,000 minutes 
BT Cloud Voice UK sharer plan 40,000 minutes  
BT Cloud Voice UK sharer plan 60,000 minutes  

Note: F&M=Fixed and Mobile.


What is the list of BT Cloud Voice features?

Cisco Webex TeamsVoice and video conferencing with up to 100 participants, with collaboration and integration to MS Teams.
Call DirectorKeep your BT line ID even when calling from somewhere else.
VoicemailVoicemail messages can be sent straight to your inbox.
Hunt GroupLets multiple phones ring when a number is called.
Online PortalStay in control of call management features wherever you are.
Automatic call routingAutomatically send calls to another phone.
Call transferTransfer calls internally or externally - even to a mobile.
Three way callingAdd a third person to join an existing conversation.
Call RecordingRecord calls and store for up to seven years, ensures quality and compliance.
Call AnalyticsUnderstand what's driving your business and where to make changes.

VoIP Market Worth

VoIP Market Size


(measured in billions £)


Who is Netify?

The Netify BT Distribution business processes more orders than any other BT Authorised Partner working within the UK and Northern Ireland channel.

Founded in 2009, Netify has worked as an Authorised BT Partner for over a decade. We've won numerous awards including Partner of the Year, Innovation Partner of the Year and BT's most Brilliant Partner award. We are known for supporting resellers with expertise from Ethernet services to Broadband.

Open up a brand new revenue stream from BT Business

Complete an application to join the largest distribution partner for BT Business.

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