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Square Enix, Tilney, Medivet, CDC, Permira and others all started their WAN investigations by connecting with a Netify trusted adviser. The team will walk you through the top 10 leading SD WAN vendors and why they fit specific business needs all within 30 minutes.

Do you have time to speak with every vendor? We do, which is why Netify does the due diligence for you. Now you can learn everything you want to know about a vendor, without getting on a sales call.

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All you need is 30 seconds to take the quiz which offers a simple way for IT teams to shortlist SD WAN & SASE security vendors. Answer a selection of questions, the tool will run some logic and display the vendors we believe will fit your business needs.

Once you’ve completed the quiz, you’ll also receive a score which provides an indication of your businesses SD WAN suitability. And, you can also click each vendor to request your local in-country sales contact or book a Zoom demonstration of their solution.

Question 1

Which SD WAN features are important?

How would you rate your interest in features?

Why we're asking?

SD WAN vendors lead their marketing with features. IT teams need to consider what is important to their business in respect of initial capability. For example, certain solutions do not work well with MPLS or lack true WAN optimisation. Do your best to tick some initial features which you know to be important.

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