T h e S D W A N A s s e s s m e n t

The Netify assessment is a fast and accurate method of building your own unique SD WAN and SASE vendor shortlist. Used by Square Enix, Tilney, Medivet, CDC, Permira and more.


What is the SD WAN assessment?

The assessment is designed to help you build your SD WAN & SASE vendor shortlist. Answer 10 questions to identify which solutions fit your specific needs. Submit your answers and our vendor research team will create your own unique solution shortlist.


Get your shortlist over Zoom.

Once you have completed the quiz, you will be asked to book your free 30 minute Zoom call to discuss the results. The Netify team will walk you through why specific vendors are a fit for your team, their capability across features and deployment. This Netify resource is 100% free.

Question 1

Please select the features which are of most interest to your business.

How would you rate your interest in features?

Answer 10 questions and Netify will create your SD WAN vendor shortlist based on your responses.

We've built logic which analyses your question answers and displays SD WAN & SASE vendors which fit your initial requirements. An easy way to create your shortlist.

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