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Accessing the Netify RFP is simple.

There are two available routes to our SD WAN RFP access. First, complete our SD WAN quick comparison which will automatically register your business as a Netify Insider. Or, visit our Netify Insider page to become a member.

How It Works

Netify have created a 7-section RFP used to establish vendor capability.
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Create Shortlist

Build your SD WAN shortlist in less than 90 seconds vs. your requirements.

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Zoom Call

Book a Zoom call to ask questions about SD WAN vendor capability.

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Zoom Demos

Select shortlisted vendors and receive a 30 minute demonstration of capability.

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Online RFP

Send the links to each vendor with your own personalised online RFP request.

Make the RFP your own


The Netify team have created each stage of our online RFP to cover key aspects of SD WAN procurement. In order to make the RFP your own, we create a bespoke front page with specific response criteria which is pertinent to your business.

The Netify RFP spans 7 sections


We've created our SD WAN RFP to encompass 7 sections we know to be important when evaluating SD WAN technology. Starting with SD WAN architecture, we also include overall vendor capability, deployment, security, cloud & mobile, Global and Support with SLA attributes.

How do you access your online SD WAN RFP?

Netify offer various entry points into our SD WAN RFP process. Netify is free for users because vendors pay us when they receive opportunities.

This has been far the best WAN procurement project I have ever been involved in.”

Richard Lovelock

Head of IT for British Legion

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