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News Netify have launched the SD WAN assessment tool 2.0

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Last updated: October 22, 2021

The 3 Tools You Need To Compare UK SD WAN Providers And Vendors.

  1. SD WAN Comparison Tool - Answer 10 questions to find your match.
  2. Read SD WAN Research - We've listed 25+ Solutions.
  3. Get the Guide - Top/Best SD WAN Vendors and Providers.

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News Netify have launched the SD WAN assessment tool 2.0

Try the original SD WAN assessment prior to the updated release. Learn more →

Netify are pleased to announce the next iteration of our popular SD WAN assessment tool. Version 2 features a new look and interface with updated questions to reflect advances over the last 12 months. The tool will be available for use week commencing 14th December 2020.

Whether you are just at the beginning of your project or looking to validate your initial shortlist, the assessment is capable of instantly displaying SD WAN vendors which match your high level features and business needs. We’ve made the quick assessment accessible and easy to use with brand new comments which detail why we are asking the question and the implications of your answer.

The quiz now has two initial options which allows users you to move forward based on your vendor shortlist needs. If you wish to conduct your own comparisons between vendors, we recommend starting with the full Netify market network platform. If you require some instant recommendations, then continue to take the assessment.

Download the step-by-step Netify market network SD WAN comparison instructions to get started.
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Version 1 of the Netify SD WAN assessment asked 19 questions prior to delivering recommendations. After receiving feedback from users, the Netify team have consolidated the quiz into 10 questions which represent the most important factors when IT teams are shortlisting solutions. So, less like an exam which nobody enjoys and less of your valuable time is needed.

The Neify SD WAN Assessment Quiz

The Netify SD WAN assessment tool in action with the new look and feel interface.

The team have also enhanced the tool to contain slider options and icons which represent an alternative where perhaps the answer is not known or clear within these initial stages. Throughout the quiz, we now also allow users to add comments and questions which the Netify team will follow up within 24 hours. Where questions require a more immediate answer or the user is not sure how to answer, we have included Livechat which is connected to the Netify technical pre-sales team, typically answered within 5 minutes.

The Netify quick assessment quiz is the fastest way to create an initial shortlist.”

In December 2020, Netify have reduced the quiz to 10 questions helping obtain faster results.

Requesting vendor contacts was also a feature we have been asked to include. Once you finish the assessment and receive your recommended vendors, there is now an option to retrieve your local sales contact or book a vendor Zoom demo session. When using this feature, your details will not be added to any marketing lists which ensures your mailbox remains safe.

We also offer our SD WAN leaders Zoom call which is directly based on your assessment quiz results. The Zoom session is 30-60 minutes where we review vendors and how their capability is a good fit for specific business needs.

While the Netify tool does offer quick and easy vendor recommendations, there are other elements IT teams should consider. With the majority of vendors exclusively selling via the channel, your business will need to engage a trusted partner to request pricing. In general terms, the channel also represents a further investigation area alongside the main vendor solution. The setup of the channel will require the vendor to sell via a distributor (often 3 or 4) and then the end partner. We need to stress that this isn’t the case across all vendors and there is also a possibility of contracting directly under some circumstances. The Zoom session is a good way of discussing how most vendors work and sell in more detail.

The Netify team would welcome your feedback and comments. Over the next few months, our team plan to create further assessments which include the SD WAN readiness assessment, managed services assessment and we will be launching an SD WAN overlay and underlay pricing tool via the market network login.

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Robert Sturt Last Updated: 22.10.2021