New BT Solus FTTP Broadband Order Form

This form should be used to order new or winback BT Solus FTTP Broadband. Solus FTTP is a digital service and does not include a phone line or telephone number. If you customer requires a new phone number or wishes to port their existing number, please order a Cloud Voice Express bundle or the full Cloud Voice product.

Thank you!

If you are adding the new service to an existing BT account this must match the name on that account and should also be the same on Companies House. If the details are incorrect please send an email to where a member of the support team will investigate this for you.
If the customer has 10 employees or less, they must sign an EEEC document (European Electronic Communications Code). This can be done either at time of order or BT will generate an email which your customer can click to approve. Netify can help with advice to make the signing of EEEC documents simple.
Adding winback or new orders to an existing BT Business account avoids the delay of LE creation (setting up the customer as a brand new account).
If you do not enter a mobile number for your customer (not a landline), the order will be put in discrepancy by the BT back office team which will create additional delay.
This email address should be the best contact address for your customer as BT will provide order updates. We also use this address as the customer's username, please ensure they are aware. Residential to Business conversion customers will lose their BT Internet email address when they migrate.
Limited companies and partnerships will need to have a company registration number. Charities should have a charity number.
Enter N/A if the company is not Limited.
Please include any information about where the customer would like their service installed, e.g. Reception, Ground Floor.

Credit check section - for new customers to BT Business. Don't forget, if the customer has an existing BT Business (not Residential) phone number, you do not have to credit check the customer.
This address will be used for billing.
This will be used by BT to validate your customer when they call and is not optional.
End of credit check section.

Complete as much detail as possible. Please include contract term, Broadband package (Essentials/Enhanced/Pro) and any VAS (Value add services).
Please ensure you review the latest offers PDF to establish the connection charge for your customer. Customer must be aware that all pricing excludes VAT.
Please ensure you have reviewed the latest offer PDF. Customer must be aware that all pricing excludes VAT.
If you are offering 4G Hybrid Backup, please ensure the customer can receive at least 3 bars of signal strength using the EE checker here. (Link will open in a new tab)
Sell the Pro Broadband package if the customer wants the latest Hub 3.

Complete WiFi will help your customers WiFi coverage throughout their office using discs which create a meshed signal to keep speeds consistently good. Check Toolkit or offers for current pricing.
Expert Setup is FREE but only with the Enhanced and Pro Broadband packages. Expert Setup will send a BT engineer to setup and install the WiFi Complete discs. You can still sell Expert Setup with Essentials but there is an additional cost - please refer to the Toolkit.
Please complete this section if your order is a Winback from a BT competitor.

Note: If your customer is moving from BT residential to BT business, this will need to say 'BT Consumer'.

If yes, this means the current provider is an LLU (they operate their own infrastructure). Please inform the customer there is potential for downtime as they migrate to BT Business. Selling the Enhanced package with 4G Hybrid Connect will provide temporary connectivity to minimise downtime but the customer must be eligible (i.e. minimum of 3 bars of signal).

For a list of LLU Providers, please click here.

End of Winback section.

Important: Please ask your customer whether or not they require a static IP address. Static IP addresses are required for applications such as CCTV.