Who are the 10 top/best SD WAN providers & vendors?

An Exclusive Comparison Guide to the top/best UK, US and Global SD WAN providers & vendors with inclusion of SASE security.

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Last Updated: 9.11.2020

Businesses today are tasked with comparing SD WAN providers, vendors, service providers, resellers and integrators to establish the best fit solution vs requirements.

The typical first step is to create an initial shortlist. And while this sounds simple in concept, the process is more challenging than ever. The average IT team simply does not have the resources available to conduct the necessary research which results in wasted time with the wrong sales pitches.

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    Concepts such as SASE security with associated framework elements, cloud access, traffic optimisation and global application performance must all be understood prior to shortlisting vendors.

    We've created this longform article, with comparison table, to help companies make sense of the vendor landscape. Although the majority of solutions originate from US and UK SD WAN vendors, all solutions are capable of delivering global requirements.

    If your business is embarking on a WAN procurement project, your IT team will need to consider hardware and software, the physical and virtual across CPE, gateways and controllers. In addition, delivery and support remain at the top of the buying criteria points list. While software defined solutions do offer significant capability, the challenge is in deciphering marketing material by conducting the necessary research.

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    The Netify 10.

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    logo-placeholder-icon Who are the top/best 10 SD WAN providers and vendors?
    • Silver Peaksilverpeak
      Silver Peak is a Gartner leader with WAN optimisation and SASE via their Zscaler partnership.
    • Cato Networkscato
      Cato Networks offers private global backbone access with SASE security.
    • Open Systems Open Systems Logo Netify
      Open Systems offers significant security experience across specific market verticals.
    • Aryakaaryaka-social-logo
      Aryaka offers private backbone access with fully managed SD WAN services.
    • VeloCloud velocloud
      VeloCloud is a Gartner leader with significant experience from VMware and access to 100+ public gateways.
    • Palo Alto (CloudGenix) cloudgenix
      Palo Alto and CloudGenix combine significant SASE and SD WAN feature experience.
    • Fortinet Fortinet Logo
      Fortinet are a security first SD WAN vendor with dedicated ASIC hardware.
    • Meraki meraki
      Low cost SD WAN, ideal for high quantity branch office site needs with CCTV.
    • Cisco SD WAN Viptela viptela
      Ideal for complex networking requirements.
    • Citrix citrix
      Bringing application experience to the SD WAN marketplace.

    Which SD WAN features should your IT team understand before comparing vendors?

    SD WAN Providers and Vendors Netify Marketplace 2

    Note: image shows the new Netify SD WAN market network vendor feature filter page.

    • Security functions - Gartner have created their SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) security framework which recognises that the network is no longer branch office based. With the adoption of cloud resources, the network edge is now firmly situated at the user level with traffic originating from anywhere, at any time and on a global basis. SD WAN with SWG (Secure Web Gateway), CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker), ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access)  and FWaaS (Firewall as a Service) are all components of next generation security. Read more about SASE.
    • Path selection - SD WAN offers the capability to select multiple WAN link paths based on performance across latency, jitter, packet loss and uptime.
    • QoS (Quality of Service) - While different to the MPLS VPN variant of QoS, SD WAN is capable of managing critical application QoS at a granular level with path selection integration.
    • Diversity and Resilience - While path selection is also involved in creating network uptime, additional features include FEC (Forward Error Correction) and packet duplication across redundant circuits.
    • WAN acceleration and optimisation - Improving packet delivery with data caching is not a new feature. SD WAN technology adds aspects such as path selection to further complement solutions.
    • Zero touch deployment and Orchestration - There is often a need to deploy connectivity to meet the demands of fast-start requirements or temporary office space. ZTP with cloud orchestration positions IT teams to deploy SD WAN in minutes with out-of-the-box security and QoS across cloud applications all via one cloud platform.
    • WAN architecture - How the delivery of SD WAN is completed, either via traditional WAN edge or vCPE within private or public cloud service providers.
    • Traffic handling - Per packet or session based to maximise available bandwidth.
    • Backbone - SD WAN is often positioned as a pure Internet VPN. However, vendors such as Aryaka and Cato Networks offer private global backbone access which requires local VPN. In the middle, VeloCloud have deployed global public gateways with vendors such as Silver Peak opting for end to end Internet with no backbone or gateways.
    • Cellular data - LTE, 4G and 5G wireless data access is either supported directly by the device or modem.
    • Cloud optimisation and Data centre - AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are found within almost all Netify projects. With each SD WAN vendor offering a slightly different take on cloud access, understanding how your users connect to cloud resources dictates which solution is best suited to your needs.
    • Remote access - the remote user is the new WAN edge, traffic will originate from anywhere at anytime. SD WAN is the enabler to securing the network perimeter and improving remote user performance. Read more about SDP (Software Defined Perimeter).
    • Hybrid WAN - the ability to terminate all types of service provider circuits including Internet, traditional WAN solutions such as MPLS, VPLS, private circuits and LTE/4G/5G.
    • SD WAN Underlay - the decision concerning whether to procure connectivity from one backbone service provider, multiple ISPs or via an aggregator of ISP and WAN services.
    • Throughput - support for all levels of bandwidth including 10Gbps, 1Gbps, 100Mbps, Broadband, LTE/4G/5G.
    • Managed Service Provider (MSP) - CNaC (Cloud Native Carrier) is gaining ground when discussing the capability of SD WAN vendors to offer managed services. If a vendor owns the complete technology stack, they should offer DIY, Co-Managed and fully managed capability.
    • Reporting and statistics - SD WAN is capable of delivering granular detail to determine the status of WAN traffic at host level.

    The research across the Netify 10 leading vendors.

    Robert Sturt

    What to know before you read this article?

    While we certainly hope the content on this page is useful and serves as an introduction to leading SD WAN vendors and service provider companies, the list is by no means exhaustive. In fact, numerous other options exist from fully managed service providers to niche players.

    If you would like to understand which vendors and providers fit your organisation, not just the 10 on this page, start with the SD WAN quick assessment tool. Simply answer some questions and our tool will instantly display results.

    Netify also offer a free SD WAN vendor Zoom call where we walk you through each vendor and why they fit specific requirements.

    SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is a Gartner framework which recognises the need to secure users across public cloud.

    Silver Peak offer pure Internet VPN with SASE via Zscaler.

    Silver Peak

    What is Silver Peak's SD WAN solution?

    Silver Peak are a channel only vendor offering built in WAN acceleration and SASE integration via a partnership with Zscaler. One of an elite set of Gartner leaders, the solution is based on end to end Internet with no private backbone or public gateways.

    With in-built application acceleration, the Silver Peak solution is firmly based around creating an SD WAN feature-set across data delivery via comprehensive cloud management portal capability, sophisticated orchestration with zero touch deployment and SaaS application optimisation.

    Products: Unity EdgeConnect, Unity Orchestrator, Unity Boost.

    Notes: HPE has acquired Silver Peak in 2020.

    What are the strengths of Silver Peak SD WAN?
    • WAN optimisation for real-time voice traffic, acceleration of SaaS applications.
    • Out of the box recognition of applications to deliver instant WAN performance enhancements across their path selection capabilities.
    • Pure Internet delivery model for companies with distributed global sites.
    • Sophisticated cloud orchestration.
    What are the weaknesses of Silver Peak SD WAN?
    • Security is not natively built into their capability, the proposition relies on API integration with Zscaler.
    • Limited experience of delivering SD WAN solutions to large Enterprise businesses.
    • Silver Peak are a channel only business meaning you cannot buy directly, visit the Silver Peak Netify market network page to learn more.
    30+ Global PoP locations.

    What is Cato's SD WAN solution?

    Cato Networks lead with two clear areas of value across SASE security which is built into their WAN edge capability and their private global backbone which spans 30+ global PoPs. While Cato Networks are relatively new (founded 2015), their solution is built on previous knowledge brought to their proposition by Shlomo Kramer, founder of Checkpoint.

    With comprehensive SD WAN features, cloud security and support for mobile users, Cato are a great option for companies looking to transform all elements of their WAN capability. This is especially true for businesses migrating from MPLS VPN services where they are not ready to make the complete transition to an Internet only deployment. 

    Products: Cloud Optimisation, WAN Optimisation, NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall), Secure Web Gateway, Advanced Threat Protection, Cloud and Mobile Security.

    What are the strengths of Cato SD WAN?
    • SASE security built in from the start, identity driven, cloud-native, supports all edges, and is distributed globally.
    • 30+ Global PoPs interconnected via private MPLS connectivity.
    • Simple to deploy with out of the box security and VPN, simply add power and an IP address.
    • Comprehensive analytics in real time covering packet discards, throughput, jitter and latency.
    What are the weaknesses of Cato SD WAN?
    • Companies need to look closely at the Cato PoP distribution to ensure their branch-office sites are located within reach of the Cato network.
    • Some of the security value is lost if your business is already in contract for security services.

    Strong background and experience across security.

    Open Systems

    What is Open Systems SD WAN solution?

    Open Systems is a mature company with a complete technology stack designed for the Enterprise WAN. The pitch is based on maturity - their offering is designed to provide the complete unified SD WAN experience. With over 20 years security experience, Open Systems offer SD WAN for businesses above 10+ locations and 1000+ users with typical customers spread across manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceutical and financial services.

    The Open System SD WAN use case meets the needs of requirements which require remote access, cloud and security with advanced threat protection and cyber security risk mitigation using cloud based AI driven monitoring.

    Security is at the core of Open Systems approach to SD WAN, their solution capability is built on the MDR platform (Managed Detection and Response) with reporting available via Microsoft Azure. While security features are robust, Open Systems also offer access to dedicated Security Analysts with knowledge across their preferred verticals.

    With Open Systems history of Security across every layer of the network, their SD WAN capability is secured at the edge and in the cloud. By delivering next generation security architecture, Open Systems reduce the need for orchestration and management of third-party solutions that stretch IT resources and increase enterprise risk.

    Products: SASE, SD WAN, Mobile Entry Point, Managed Detection & Response

    What are the strengths of Open Systems SD WAN?
    • Case studies across the manufacturing, chemicals, pharma and financial services sector.
    • Strong security offering with significant  experience
    What are the weaknesses of Open Systems SD WAN?
    • Brand awareness is not high even with their previous experience of delivering security.

    Fully managed with global backbone provision.


    What is Aryaka's SD WAN solution?

    Aryaka is an interesting proposition as their WAN infrastructure is based on an MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) PoP deployment. In a sense, the solution is a software WAN evolution of the MPLS VPN. As a Challenger on the Gartner magic quadrant, they offer 25+ Global POPs, physical hardware and Cloud-based SD WAN controller support.

    WAN optimisation is built in to the Aryaka solution which meets the needs of most global businesses. Leading brands are using Aryaka such as Skullcandy, Air China and other notable partners including Microsoft Azure & AWS Cloud.

    If your business is reluctant to move away from private based, QoS (Quality of Service) enabled MPLS circuits, Aryaka is worth considering as a good half way networking and security capability. Their solutions also support termination of hybrid WAN connectivity.

    Products: Smart Connect (WAN optimisation), Smart CDN (IP and Web app acceleration) and Cloud VPN.

    What are the strengths of Aryaka's SD WAN?

    • 25+ Global PoPs interconnected via private MPLS connectivity.
    • SD WAN as a Fully Managed Service.
    • Last mile tail circuit and ISP SD WAN underlay management.

    What are the weaknesses of Aryaka's SD WAN?

    • No SASE security option, only available via partners.
    • Companies need to look closely at the Aryaka PoP distribution to ensure their branch-office sites are located within reach of their network.
    100+ Public gateways located around the globe.

    What is VeloCloud's SD WAN solution?

    VeloCloud offers an alternative to the private backbone infrastructures offered by Cato and Aryaka. The solution connects customers across 2700 public gateways with 130 points of presence (POPs). VMware Edge Network Intelligence offers visibility across network performance by delivering statistics based on user experience as applications traverse the global Internet. With Dell EMC SD-WAN, business is able to deliver built-in LTE 4G/5G to deal with remote users, temporary offices and failover.

    Another Gartner leader, VMware have recently announced full SASE / Next Generation Firewall support via partnerships with Menlo Security to deliver secure web gateway (SWG), cloud access service broker (CASB), Data Loss Prevention, sandbox, and remote browser isolation. VeloCloud next generation firewall security is delivered via Zscaler to secure Internet access. Available as single and multi-tenanted deployments for the VMware SASE Platform, the solution is designed to deliver all aspects of SD WAN application performance support with security services. All from one platform to meet the demands of the work-from-anywhere workforce.

    Some further key benefits include their application performance improvement over degraded links which also includes delay sensitive apps such as voice and video. The VeloCloud strategy looks very strong over the next 12 months with marketing suggesting intent based WAN features are on the horizon.

    Products: VMware SD-WAN Gateways, a cloud-based VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator and a branch platform, VMware SD-WAN Edge. 

    What are the strengths of VeloCloud's SD WAN?
    • Backed by the size and experience of VMware, VeloCloud is a good option for the large Enterprise.
    • Recently announced SASE capability.
    What are the weaknesses of VeloCloud's SD WAN?
    • Recently announced SASE but delivered via partnerships rather than natively built into their proposition.

    Palo Alto brings strong SASE security to Cloud Genix.

    Palo Alto

    What is Palo Alto's SD WAN solution? (CloudGenix)

    Acquired by Palo Alto. CloudGenix was founded in San Jose back in 2013 with backing by Charles River Ventures, Mayfield, Intel Capital and Bain Capital Ventures. CloudGenix offers a true Software-based WAN solution via their ION (Instant-On Network) centralised control platform.

    The Palto Alto SD WAN solution offers the capability to support both Internet and MPLS which meets the demands of network migration (from MPLS) and hybrid networking where private connections are retained at certain sites. CloudGenix app fabric is designed to operate across all connectivity types (we've mentioned MPLS but also 4G, 5G and Broadband). Regardless of the circuit type, intelligent traffic steering, high availability and direct access to Cloud-based services all come together to create a rich Software-based WAN capability. Palo Alto acquired CloudGenix which has created significant SASE capability to their overall portfolio of options.

    Products: Next Generation Firewall, SD WAN, Panorama.

    What are the strengths of Palo Alto's SD WAN?
    • Once Palo Alto and CloudGenix are integrated fully, the product will offer significant capability across SD WAN and SASE Security.
    • Palo Alto offer significant experience across security and associated reporting.
    What are the weaknesses of Palo Alto's SD WAN?
    • Customers wanting full WAN optimisation may be disappointed with capability.
    • Not ideal for businesses with numerous branch sites (e.g. retail) due to their lack of a low end product.
    • Current CloudGenix SD WAN does not offer SASE security.

    Fortinet technology is built on their own ASIC hardware, performance is excellent.


    What is Fortinet's SD WAN solution?

    Fortinet have long been recognised as a market leading security vendor. With sophisticated SD WAN and Security orchestration, the business operates across all verticals and business sizes. Founded in 2000, this SD WAN provider caters to customers who are interested in consolidating their physical appliances and branch operations into one vendor.

    The proposition from Fortinet very much remains market leading in respect of security but their SD WAN offering appears to be viewed as a secondary proposition. With this said, their SD WAN business has grown to 8000 customers on a global basis. Previously only functioning as a security vendor, Fortinet has now added SD WAN features to their list of appliances.

    Fortinet monitors their SD WAN links across packet loss, jitter, and latency by using several different techniques, such as HTTP, TWAP, and ping.

    Fortinet support hub and spoke, full mesh, on-demand VPN, and partial mesh. Plus, there are up to 4,000 administrative domains and virtual domains that can be supported.  Fortinet ASICs (Application-specific integrated circuits) ensure Fortinet designed solutions not only perform well due to their application specific architecture but are also available at a good price point.

    Products: FortiGate® Network Security Platform, FortiManagerTM Centralised Management Platform, FortiAnalyzerTM Centralized Logging & Reporting Solution, FortiSIEMTM Unified Event Correlation and Risk Management Solution, FortiAuthenticatorTM User Identity Management Server.

    What are the strengths of Fortinet's SD WAN?
    • Security first solution, add SD WAN for a solid product offering.
    • Fortinet ASICs offer the best possible device performance vs generic hardware offered by other vendors.
    What are the weaknesses of Fortinet's SD WAN?
    • Fortinet remain security focussed which often weakens their SD WAN position.
    • Fortinet ASICs often promote branch security vs cloud.
    30K SD WAN customers.

    What is Meraki's SD WAN solution?

    Meraki is without a doubt the most popular vendor when discussing initial requirements with prospective buyers. The products are cost effective and feature-rich offering functions such as endpoint management which is positioning IT teams to share intelligence and enforce policies across the network based on the device status and where the services are located or installed, software and/or users.

    One of the newer features is device enrolment which means policy is enforced without even having to handle the actual hardware. WiFi access can be delivered based on device type, users and security compliance.

    In short, Cisco Meraki is feature rich with the ability to support/deliver a full stack of connectivity from Security, Switching, WAN and Wireless via a single cloud interface. It is important to note but to take advantage of the Meraki capability, your network ‘needs’ to be Meraki end to end. (Not necessary but advised)

    What are the strengths of Meraki's SD WAN?
    • Well suited to businesses with multiple branch-office locations.
    • CCTV is well supported, ideal for manufacturing and retail.
    • Cost effective SD WAN solution.
    • Strong WiFI reporting and functionality.
    What are the weaknesses of Meraki's SD WAN?
    • Other SD WAN competitors are much more feature rich.
    • Does not currently work well with MPLS VPN connectivity.
    • No full SASE security.

    Designed for complex Enterprise requirements.

    Cisco SD WAN

    What is Cisco SD WAN's SD WAN solution? (Viptela)

    Cisco also owns Viptela, how should you decide on Meraki vs Viptela? The major differentiators revolve around the ability to handle three or more uplinks, WAN multicast and TCP optimisation. The value proposition of Viptela is based on customisation allowing customers to control layers 4-7 of the OSI model.

    Viptela is extremely competent at WAN segmentation across both on-premise equipment and also cloud architectures. In other words, if your business is complex and global in nature, Meraki could be viewed as too simplistic to meet the demands of your network architecture requirements. With the above said, Meraki and Viptela do intersect as both are able to adjust traffic routing based on the policies your business decides, they are scalable and offer cellular failover.

    What are the strengths of Cisco SD WAN's SD WAN?
    • Support for highly customisable solutions, ideal for large Enterprise business with complex requirements.
    • Good migration path for existing large Cisco ISR users.
    What are the weaknesses of Cisco SD WAN's SD WAN?
    • Requires good professional services and partners to make the most of Cisco SD WAN.

    Citrix is a Challenger in this Magic Quadrant.


    What is the Citrix SD WAN solution?

    After the main Citrix brand application, their SD WAN appliance is focussed on security, traffic prioritisation, WAN connection failover and connecting SaaS applications. NetScaler offers physical, virtual and cloud products with their management and analytics system - MAS.

    The Citrix offering includes both WAN optimisation and stateful packet inspection Firewall. With such a large market share from their core Citrix product, their growth of SD WAN is largely across existing customers. The actual SD WAN product is managed by the same cloud based UI platform.

    What are the strengths of the Citrix SD WAN?
    • Although Citrix is not known for SD WAN as a primary solution offering, their capability is comprehensive.
    • Existing customers can use SD WAN within their existing UK (User Interface), i.e. Citrix workspace.
    What are the weaknesses of Citrix SD WAN solution?
    • Limited experience within the networking space.
    • No current SASE security proposition.

    Vendor solution comparison 1 to 5. (Click the company name for more information)

    Vendor Cisco Meraki Cisco SD WAN Viptela Silver Peak Aryaka VeloCloud
    WAN architecture Edge based Edge based Edge based 25 Global PoP backbone 100+ Global PoP gateways
    Gartner status Challengers Challengers  Leaders Visionaries Leaders
    Form factor Physical, cloud (AWS, Azure) Physical (vEdge, ISR, ASR), virtual, Hyper-V, KVM), Cloud AWS, Azure, Google) Physical, virtual (VMware, KVM, Cloud (AWS, Azure) Physical Physical, virtual (VMware, KVM, Xen), cloud (AWS, Azure)
    Firewall Advanced Basic on Viptela hardware, advanced on Cisco hardware Basic, advanced via partners Basic, advanced via partners Basic, advanced via partners
    WAN optimisation Limited Yes (add-on to Cisco hardware, not available on vEdge) Yes, add-on Yes No
    Application path selection None Yes (add-on to Cisco hardware, not available on vEdge) SaaS optimisation chooses optimal egress point (via data centre or hub site) Partnered with AWS & Azure, can manually configure for other cloud/SaaS apps Yes, VeloCloud has 100+ shared gateways for path optimisation. Providers can build out their own gateways as well
    Elevator pitch Rich history of networking, value adds such as CCTV Customisable solution for the larger Enterprise Good traffic path selection and Broadband treatment MPLS alternative with VPN access to private PoP locations Cloud-based service delivery, orchestration, and analytics to create a flexible architecture
    SASE Security Rich history of networking, value adds such as CCTV Customisable solution for the larger Enterprise Good traffic path selection and Broadband treatment MPLS alternative with VPN access to private PoP locations Cloud-based service delivery, orchestration, and analytics to create a flexible architecture

    Vendor solution comparison 6 to 10. (Click the company name for more information)

    Vendor Citrix Open Systems Fortinet Palo Alto Cato Networks
    WAN architecture Edge based Edge based Edge based Edge based US centric, UK and Europe
    Gartner status Challengers Niche player Not listed Leader Not listed
    Form factor Physical, virtual (VMware, XS, Hyper-V and KVM), Cloud (AWS, Azure) Physical, virtual (VMware, Hyper-V), Cloud (AWS, Azure) Physical, FusionHub offers cloud based virtualisation, Hyper-V Physical Physical 
    Firewall Advanced Basic, advanced via partners Basic, advanced via partners Basic, advanced via partners Basic, advanced via partners
    WAN optimisation Yes on the 5100, 2100 and 1100 devices Yes, add-on Limited Limited Limited
    Application path selection Yes via 14 global gateways None  No Applications defined by path Closest Pop selected per application
    Elevator pitch Experience for SaaS, cloud, and virtual applications Forwarding is unique for real time application delivery with good failsafe technology Good support for 4G and 5G services Good history of WAN optimisation US Pop locations, one UK PoP and 2 European
    SASE Security Rich history of networking, value adds such as CCTV Customisable solution for the larger Enterprise Good traffic path selection and Broadband treatment MPLS alternative with VPN access to private PoP locations Cloud-based service delivery, orchestration, and analytics to create a flexible architecture

    The SD WAN provider and vendor comparison table.

    • Year launched - the year of SD WAN product launch.
    • Network backbone - the ability to offer middle-mile long haul inter-country global traffic.
    • SD WAN architecture - is the solution WAN edge-based, gateways for hosted access, own PoPs.
    • Gartner status - the vendor or providers placement in the Gartner's Magic quadrant for the industry.
    • Form factor - appliance is delivered on physical, virtual or white boxes (uCPE).
    • Firewall - basic, stateful at layer 7 or advanced next generation with anti-malware, IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems), IPS (Intrusion Protection System), content filtering, sandbox.
    • WAN optimisation - features to accelerate app performance such as TCP optimisation, caching, deduplication and compression.
    • Traffic handling - may be based on sessions or per-packet.
    • Cloud app path selection - how the solution measures application performance for making decisions for apps such as SaaS. 4G/5G - support for LTE, 4G and 5G.

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