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What is a Telecoms Master Agent?

Written by Joseph Banks

Writer for The Network Union, ex Network Engineer specialising in Cloud, Security and WAN services.

The Netify Master Agent Programme offers access to SD WAN, SASE security and BT Business connectivity.

Leverage Netify expertise to help your business unlock relationships with leading SD WAN & SASE vendors and service providers.

Master Agents bridge the gap between the service provider and sales agent by providing product expertise, administration and sales support. And, the master agent ensures that your business customer has the right services for their needs.

So how can a telecom agent help a business stay up-to-date? Are telecom agents better than service provider account managers? Find out how a master agent helps a business flourish when building a new telecoms revenue stream.

What Are Telecom Agents?

A telecom agent differs from an account manager in that they're not here to sell you low-selling products from their parent company. Telecom master agents are unlike other agents in that they're:

  • Independent - their role is to find a beneficial solution for all parties
  • Highly informed - these agents have years of expertise and a wealth of knowledge regarding network services and the complex relationship between service providers and their customers
  • Not out to sell, but to make deals - the master agent channel is there for the service provider and the customer to discuss services provided and contracts, frankly and honestly

“The Master Agent programme is less prevalent in the UK vs North America but is growing fast.

In 2021, Netify is on a mission to add over 100 vendors, integrators, VARs and Professional Services companies.

Agent and Expert

Unlike most agents and carriers, a telecom agent can provide expert information about the services provided to clients. They negotiate complex business needs such as SD WAN, SASE security, cloud services and connectivity with in-depth product support.

This means that you can explain:

  • What makes complete telecoms services an effective technology and why this benefits a company
  • How marketing from various agencies differs from the genuine product

If you read those sentences without batting an eyelid or going for a cheeky Google, you're a great candidate to become a master agent.

What Do Telecom Agents Make?

According to, a telecom agent in the UK makes an average of around £52,500 per year. However, this has the potential to scale upwards depending on the agent's experience and connections: an agent connected to a large-scale service provider could earn a very substantial revenue stream.

What Are Telecom Master Agents?

Master agents are Authorised by the service provider to recruit telecom agents - they have amassed extensive product knowledge and expertise.

The success of master agents is due to their considerable expertise and ability to negotiate deals that enable even smaller companies to have access to high-quality telecom options, e.g. cloud services. Netify is launching our own Master Agent concept to the UK by leveraging years of experience with BT Business and our relationships with SD WAN and SASE vendors.

Masters Agents in Telecommunications

Master agents have been instrumental to the success of telecommunications businesses, helping to leverage deals and build strong relationships between service providers and customers. Agents also offer resources for partners such as educational programs to help them understand why working with a top telecom provider and updating their infrastructure is so important.

These agents work closely with service providers and their sales partners to:

  1. Reduce the marketing burden on service providers by bringing clients to them, liaising with the client on behalf of the telecom company, and enabling them to sell high-quality cloud products to their customers.
  2. Helping partners understand the kind of services they require, who the best provider of these services is, and helping them transition to a superior product or service.

Superior Agent Channel

The agent channel provided by a master agent has to be first class. This means that the master agent is directly involved with every interaction between the telecom business and the sub-agent.

This system is preferable to the service provided by carriers for both parties. Paid carriers are usually there to sell rather than assist in building a relationship between both partners. High-quality agents are accustomed to dealing with technical matters like cloud services, pricing, and product advantages.

This expert knowledge makes the agent an asset to both the provider and the customer. A master agent has the tools to form lasting bonds within the telecommunications industry and boost sales for the provider and its clients.

Joining a UK Master Agent Programme

To join a master agent in the UK, the first thing you need is to research the right partner. You will also need knowledge of the telecom industry and form close relationships with prospects to promote network solutions sales.

Success as an agent means being able to help businesses transition to a better model, encouraging them to purchase top telecoms solutions from the service provider. Working with Netify, a master agent's role is far beyond that of a carrier: the agent can explain why the cloud solution on offer is the best option for the company and not just sell the product.

Educating Customers

The agent engineers a deal with expert advice on how issues can slow a business down and why customers need new services vs their current model. The role of master agents is to educate agents and link them to high-quality service providers, showing why they need to purchase stronger cloud services.

The agent needs to fill the role of a carrier, an adviser on issues like pricing, and an expert consultant on cloud networking and telecom solutions.

Leveraging Deals

Agents going above and the role of a carrier to ensure that clients get everything they paid for and more and consistently build relationships with new sales partners.

Introducing Cloud Services to Businesses

Cloud services for businesses work in conjunction with almost all products and services. Therefore, agents working with Netify are educated on which cloud-based solutions are best for managing voice and date with a breakdown of how this benefits the customer compared to their current setup.

As cloud computing becomes ubiquitous, business customers need to understand why a strong relationship with a leading telecommunications service provider is increasingly essential.

Agents must use their industry leverage and expert understanding of cloud solutions to show customers the benefits of cloud services. It's also vital that the agent is clear with the customer throughout, acting as an adviser and educator rather than a sales rep. If this sounds like your specialty, we'd love to hear from you.

Master agent cloud based services include:

  • Access to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
  • SD WAN
  • SASE Security

Agents need to convey the importance of a strong relationships with leading vendors and how consistent support will be available through the entire sales process via the agent channel. Businesses tend to respond negatively to carrier reps, but master agents are actively beneficial to the customer because they have valuable information and advice to offer.


Master agents in the UK can adopt similar strategies to improve client infrastructure and drive sales of the best telecom solutions available today. Agents with strong connections and substantial industry expertise stand to thrive in the UK by working with leading service providers.

  • Fostering strong relationships between providers and their customers
  • Educating customers on the need for an upgrade to their computing infrastructure and explaining why they have issues with their current set-up
  • Driving sales through expert advice on how a mutually beneficial relationship with top cloud solution providers like Netify is essential to the customer's growth
  • Consistently building contacts to explore further relationships and continue improving the UK's cloud infrastructure

If you're interested in becoming a UK master agent to leverage Netify vendor relationships, we'd love to hear from you.


Joseph Banks Last Updated: 23.07.2021
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