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Netify are pleased to announce our free research tools which are accessible via our online quick comparison form. In this article, we’ll demonstrate how our quick assessment form can provide an instant comparison of major data centre providers with further tools to estimate application performance between data centres or branch-office to data centre SD WAN performance.

To design and manage any critical infrastructure, your IT team will require authoritative, evidence-based guidance on all elements vs your needs.

Netify is able to compare data centres and colocation services across the following aspects:

  1. Data Centres vs your specific postcode / ZIP code
  2. Services including public and private cloud
  3. Cloud services and connections, which data centres support AWS Direct Connect, Azure ExpressRoute, Google Interconnect
  4. The Data Centre tier to demonstrate capability across aspects such as business continuity
  5. Which compliance certifications each data centre has implemented including BS25999, FACT, FISMA, HIPAA. ISAE 3402, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, ISO 50002, NIST 800-53, OHSAS 18001, PCI DSS
  6. Ping test 

We now have the capability to search data centre providers across the UK, US and Europe against the above criteria. This data-set can be tailored to evaluate national and global data centres.

How to compare data centre providers vs your postcode?

The first step is to understand availability vs your postcode or ZIP code. Within the image below, I’ve set SE1 as the postcode with a radius of 25 miles. The initial results show 47 prospective data centres ready for evaluation; we’re able to select comparison options on the left hand side to get started immediately. Once we have performed an initial search, we’re able to narrow down options further to reach the data-set applicable to your business.

Data Centre Providers vs Postcode

How to compare data centre providers vs public cloud and private cloud options?

Depending on your WAN capability, your business may be interested in evaluation based on public and private cloud. One of the drivers behind SD WAN adoption is the flexibility to access public SaaS and IaaS applications. However, requirements remain to build private cloud capability either for regulatory reasons or to add an additional layer of privacy for security.

The search below shows 11 private cloud providers within the 25 mile radius of SE1.

Data Centre Providers vs Private Public Cloud

How to compare data centre providers vs cloud service providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud?

Selecting AWS Direct Connect (we’ll use Amazon as an example), displays 4 data centre locations in West London, all based around the SE1 postcode. Outside of direct connection, we are also able to search based on ExpressRoute access which displays further options across 2 locations in central London.

Data Centre Providers vs Cloud AWS

How to compare data centre providers vs tier?

Netify search identifies tier 2 and tier 3 capabilities where required. Searching tier 2 against our example SE1 postcode, reduces the available choices. Tier 2 offers multiple server options, network links, and partial redundancy.

Selecting tier 3 capabilities vastly increases availability suggesting the London based data centre market is based more on tier 3 vs tier 2. Tier 3 offers multiple paths for power and cooling and an expected uptime of 99.995%.

The majority of providers utilise the Uptime Institute standards, this is perhaps the simplest method of understanding the benefits across the 4 distinct tiers offering insights into capability. The Institute defines tier 1 and 2 as tactical solutions, which are usually driven by cost rather than a specific need to deliver resilience and diversity. Tier 3 and 4 are selected where an Enterprise must maintain a level of uptime and service stability.

Data Centre Providers vs Tier

How to compare data centre providers vs certifications?

There are multiple different certifications associated with each data centre capability. Depending on the market sector your business operates within, there may be a need to only work with providers offering specific certifications. In the example below, we’ve searched against ISO 27001, which has produced 22 data centres able to meet this particular certification.

One further popular comparison search is PCI data centre providers for any sector (e.g. retail colocation) needing to process financial card transactions. Using the tool, we find 18 available data centres with PCI compliance within the 25 mile SE1 radius.

Data Centre Providers vs Certification

How to estimate network latency between each data centre?

Estimating latency between locations will provide your business with the ability to predict network performance between data centres and your branch location. This capability is especially useful for SD WAN traffic performance estimates, e.g. how will your service provider network perform from a branch office in London to your data centre in Paris or New York for example. There are other factors to consider such as any overhead from the perspective of VPN encryption and LAN host delay but the overall figures provide good indicative data points to consider.

Our examples not only show latency between New York and London but also the latency histogram where results can be examined over a number of previous tests to build up a picture of variability.

Data Centre Providers vs Latency

How has Netify created our data centre facilities comparison?

The team have created two areas of value across the comparison assessment form as follows:

  • Instant recommendation of specific data centre providers which includes colocation only and managed services (not specific data centre locations)
  • Evaluation against your specific requirements including PING tests - this work will take approximately 48 hours to return the specific data

The current tools we use are internal to our team, meaning they’re not on general release - we hope this changes soon. With this said, the recommendations regarding actual providers are displayed instantly once the assessment form has been completed.

What questions should you ask any prospective colocation or data centre services provider?

The following are fairly high-level simple questions to begin considering when evaluating the hosting and colocation providers marketplace.

  1. What power and cooling is provided?
  2. Which network carriers are accessible, think the Internet, MPLS, VPLS, Point to Point & Multipoint connectivity.
  3. Which regions are supported?
  4. How secure is the environment both physically and from a network perspective?
  5. Which Cloud providers are accessible?
  6. How much power (Kw) is required?
  7. Do servers need to be caged?

All in alll, evaluation is required across infrastructure elements (think power, component redundancy), operational assessment where process and experience are assessed and finally efficiency where hardware and energy vs green initiatives are considered.


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