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By: Robert Sturt on April 18th, 2019

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What is the cost for a BT 1Gbps Internet leased line?

The two main options if your organisation requires a quotation is to phone BT directly or request your pricing from an Authorised Partner. The BT Partner list is available here - if you scroll down you’ll find Network Union as an option.

Simply click here to complete some basic details and we’ll return the latest pricing and any offers. We can help you whether you have an existing account with BT or you’re looking to become a new customer. (We work across the UK and NI)

How to compare 1Gbps BT leased line costs?

1Gbps leased lines are, to state the obvious, capable of receive and transmit at the top level of standard Ethernet bandwidth capability. 10Gbps services are available but service capable PoPs are not as prolific and costs are, as you’d expect, somewhat higher.

The transparency surrounding core provider network capacity is simply not there when attempting to put together any meaningful comparison across providers. We know of 100Mbps and 1Gbps leased line circuits provisioned into small PoP locations across the UK which are majorly contended with other clients. Although the networks will clearly peer with other ISPs (BT as an example), the initial connection will offer less than optimal throughput.

With the above in mind, procuring 1Gbps leased lines will need either a brand your business recognises such as BT or you’ll need to force some transparency with regards to any other prospective ISPs.

What are the costs of a 1Gbps Ethernet eased line circuit?

Current costs from BT Business start at £400. Network Union is currently offering a 10% discount on BT pricing based on your first-year annual spend. Openreach is also covering the first £2800 of any excess construction charges where required.

The elements which make up the cost are outlined below.

  • The required tier or bandwidth, e.g. 1Gbps/100Mbps
  • Any diversity requirement
  • Tail circuit distance from the local BT Point of Presence
  • Whether or not security is a requirement.

BT 1Gbps Internet leased line costs

How to create 1Gbps resilience and diversity?

Perhaps one of the issues with 1Gbps connectivity is matching the high level of bandwidth in a failover scenario. There are technologies offering high bandwidth across Broadband such as FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) but the upstream bandwidth is still very low in comparison. The result of using a less than ideal failover solution is congestion and ultimately packet loss.

If business continuity is a must, BT offer RA02 Secure Plus failover which is essentially a second 1Gbps leased line circuit routed diversely via the tail circuit and the local BT exchange/provider edge. As the second high bandwidth circuit is routed diversely, the tail circuit will be longer in length thus creating higher costs.

All resilient and diverse options are provisioned with a Cisco Meraki WIFI edge running as primary and failover though it is possible to run an active/active or with a load balanced configuration.

What about network performance?

At the level of bandwidth accessible via a 1Gbps Internet circuit, we’ll make the assumption that there are mission critical and highly important Cloud-based applications requiring a level of service. The current BT SLA for leased line services offers 100% uptime with low latency set at 20ms or less (average). The latency guarantee is an average round-trip transmission time between BT selected core PoPs. The Transatlantic Network Connection latency guarantee is an average round-trip transmission time of 95 milliseconds (95 ms) or less between BT transit routers.

The ideal companion for BTnet is BT Cloud Voice but the reality is BT leased lines are ideally suited for any cloud application. We’re seeing adoption within the software WAN space as businesses look to secure their network with SD WAN appliances and virtual instances with an underlying single provider, well scaled and engineered network.

The network performance of BTNet leased line is one of the biggest differentiators vs the competition. The core network is well scaled with global capability, one of the stats provided by BT surrounds the fact most customers in one way or another will ultimately connect to BT network services at some point during transit.

What router is supplied with BT1Gbps leased lines?

BT have recently moved to using Cisco Meraki as their default edge device across 100Mbps and 1Gbps Internet circuits. Cisco offers two licences (with or without security, see next section) and WIFI access as standard.

Meraki BTNet

How to also consider security?

One of the key considerations with any leased line services is security and managing external threats. The use of BT Meraki offers clients an additional security feature set which negates the needs for an external or additional Firewall. In addition, BT offers three levels of DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection as a managed service.

What are the current lead times for 1Gbps Internet leased lines?

The lead-times for Ethernet services are invariably always an issue. The circuits range from 40 to 100 working days depending on the site survey. We always recommend waiting until your initial site survey has been completed to understand potential delays.

Where connectivity is required before installation is complete, BT offers BTNet Express which is typically installed within 6 weeks (on average).

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