How to become an EE Reseller via BT Mobile?

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With EE becoming a dominant mobile brand, we discuss the options for companies looking to open up both EE mobile revenue streams with the addition of BT Business products and services. Learn more about the BT / EE Mobile Reseller Program.

Learn about becoming an Authorised BT Reseller, unlock up to 14% BT Mobile commissions across handsets and up to 20+% on SIM only. Click to visit our BT Reseller product page.

The two avenues are as follows:

  • BT Mobile Reseller Program (made possible because of the EE acquisition)
  • EE Business Distributor or Partner

Selling EE mobile via BT Partner Sales represents the most simple option as the contractual arrangements, billing and support are all provided directly by BT Mobile. Also, the handsets are supplied directly by BT meaning there are no upfront purchase costs for your business.

What are the steps to becoming an EE BT Mobile Reseller?

1. Outline a little about your application and any basic questions you may need answering.

2. Attend an initial conference call to discuss your application.

3. If you wish to move forward, we'll arrange a web conference with a BT EE Mobile Specialist.

4. Comprehensive training across the BT EE Mobile product set.

5. You are ready to get going!

BT Mobile is an easier way to resell EE. A direct relationship with EE is perhaps better suited to companies where their core business is relativly high volume and only revolves around mobile. With a direct EE relationship, you’ll be expected to achieve volume targets and provide funding upfront for handsets. We cannot comment too much on this particular area as our experience surrounds the BT Business option. However, we do have contacts and will make introductions as necessary.

What mobile handsets and tariffs are available to resellers?

The availability of handsets has grown significantly since 2017. Today, all of the latest hardware is available including the latest Apple and Samsung handsets.

Contract terms are typically 24 or 36 months with options for unlimited minutes, texts and data or usage-based tariffs for low users or to keep costs down.

3G and 4G data allowances range from 250MB through to 60GB at the top end plus there is an option for International usage called Roam like Home where users can make calls, send texts and use data across 47 destinations with fully tracking and statistics for usage.

Are there other products in addition to mobile?

Within the mobile proposition, tablets are available including the Apple iPad and Samsung range. Aside from hardware, BT mobile also offers SIM-only where required.

The BT Business Broadband product is also well aligned with mobile by way of discounting - all orders which include a resign, upgrade or brand new Infinity fibre or copper-based service will receive £5 discount.

Outside of Broadband and Mobile, the entire portfolio is open to your business including more complex WAN services, BT Cloud Voice and BTNet Ethernet Leased Lines.

What kind of commissions are achievable?

At The Network Union, we share 70% of all commissions across BT Business - this includes Mobile, Broadband, Lines, Data, BTNet Leased Lines and Call packages.

As an example, BT Business Mobile Solo Extra on a 24-month contract within price point £38 to £58 would pay 16% of the total contract value.

A further example of the same sale but within a 36-month contract would pay more because the 16% is calculated across the 36 month period.

Selected SIM only 24 month deals are currently paying 20% of the total contract value.

* Examples current as of December 2018.

A further bonus is paid at the end of the contract for resigns / upgrades. We would always advise adding other BT products into the mix to further enhance commissions.

What sales support should I expect?

We’re a Premier Partner of BT and a long-standing member of the BT Partner Channel. In respect of our Premier status, we are provided with an uplifted level of support including a SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for in-life issues where escalation is required.

Sales Support is offered to Resellers both by Network Union and the BT Partner Channel. Our team of account managers have assisted numerous organisations to successfully drive mobile revenue streams. 

We provide:

  • Daily account management resource
  • Training on the latest products and sales order process
  • Weekly sales reporting including order status
  • Point of contact for opportunities and issues
  • Face to face meeting support for more significant opportunities

BT Business provides:

  • Mobile Sales Specialist
  • Desk-based resource via Network Union Partnership

As mentioned earlier, with option 1, BT own the contractual relationship and will, therefore, support your client for in-service issues including both technical and billing. The ethos is to allow your business to make the sales with BT in the background providing the infrastructure.

Your business is expected to offer account management on an ongoing basis ensuring you are the initial point of contact for sale customer service related issues. 

On a regular basis, BT release a Sales Toolkit and interactive spreadsheet allowing you to easily advise customers on the latest deals and options.

How does a customer sign up?

We operate a portal allowing your business to easily place orders. The customer will be expected to provide their business contact details and banking information to process the order. Finally, we use Equifax as an ID checker ensuring we are compliant against fraud. Once complete, BT takes care of the end to end process.

Apply to sell EE mobile?

The typical process begins with an on-boarding session where we learn more about your business and route to market and we’ll provide you with a good overview of the proposition.

Once the on-boarding session is complete, both parties (your business and TNU) will be better positioned to understand whether working together across the BT brand is achievable.

To apply, we require some initial details on your route to market, projected sale volumes and company structure. The BT brand is well governed; we need to ensure your organisation is capable of selling under strict compliance.

Before you apply to become a BT / EE Mobile Reseller: Your business should be providing an Internet presence and corporate email address. Without these essential details, it will not be possible to progress an application. We currently only support UK HQ’d business applications.

Why Partner with EE via BT mobile?

Currently, the EE 4G and 3G network covers 99% of the UK with 75% receiving their super fast data speeds. With the options to align BT Business products (Broadband and Lines) to further increase your commissions and your clients value, the product set opens up new revenue streams.

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