How to join the Netify 2021 UK EE Reseller Programme

Apply to join the EE Business Reseller Programme via Netify, one of the largest BT distributers across the UK & Northern Ireland. Add iPhone, Android, SIM only and Apple Watch revenues to your business with the options to sell the latest tablets.

* Business to Business only, no residential sales.

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Apply to join the EE Reseller Programme

Everything Resellers need to sell EE Business Mobile

Netify is a Network Union company. We're one of the largest UK distributers for BT.

Netify support the EE Business mobile and distribution partner model which means EE contract directly with your end customer on everything from billing to customer service. With support from the EE portal, Netify partners are positioned to check the latest stock, deals and pricing across handsets, SIM only, Apple Watch and tablets. And, we are here to support you in all areas of your business from brand guidance to training and reporting.  







How do we apply to join the EE Reseller Programme?

In the first instance, register your interest by completing our EE application form. We will invite you to a 30 minute Zoom call to learn more about your business and answer any questions.

Who is Netify?

Netify is a Network Union company, an Authorised and trusted Partner of BT Business for over 10 years. We are one of only a select few Premier Partners with access to both BT Business and EE Business brands. BT acquired EE in 2016 allowing our team to add the Everything Everywhere portfolio to our reseller proposition.

Can we directly apply to become an EE Partner?

Of course, any business is welcome to apply directly to EE. With this said, you will need to commit to significant targets and be able to demonstrate a track record of generating mobile business. Where your business does not qualify or does not wish to take on a full partnership, the second option is to become a Reseller which is offered by distributers such as Netify.

In addition to joining Netify as an EE Reseller, you can apply to become on of their EE solution partners or direct resellers where you own the contract, bill the client and are responsible for buying the handsets. The majority of businesses will not qualify to become a solution partner or direct reseller. Netify will provide advice and guidance regarding which option is a good fit for your required outcome.

What does Netify offer?

Netify are known for our Reseller processes from onboarding to administration, we know how to make the most of EE Business. We offer full EE product training, sales and administration support. The Netify team are available via telephone or live chat to help grow your business.

Who owns the EE mobile contract?

All contracts are between the customer and EE directly. Netify does not offer an option to white-label EE services. The EE Reseller Programme pays commissions based on the structure of deals put together by your team in partnership with Netify.

Can we sell EE to residential customers?

No. There is no option to sell EE services to residential customers. We only support sales to self employed or Limited companies.

What commissions are available?

Netify offers up to 70% commission share for selected partners. Commission examples will be shared during an initial application call.

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Everything Resellers need to sell EE Business Mobile

Why partner with EE & BT?

Partnering with EE provides resellers with access to a significant product-set which includes the full EE Business portfolio together with BT products. In addition to the latest Apple, Android and Samsung handsets, resellers are able to sell BT Broadband, BT Cloud Voice and BT Leased Lines to drive additional revenue.








How to apply? 1

Step 1

You'll require a business URL and email address, you cannot apply with a free email account. 2

Step 2

Complete the initial application form with accurate detail about your interest in becoming a Netify Reseller. 3

Step 3

We will arrange a 30 minute interview. Learn more about us and we'll learn more about your business. 4

Step 4

If successful, you will receive an on boarding call with product, process & compliance training.

What EE products are available?

We've worked with Netify since 2011. The team have created one of the most robust reseller processes in the challenge. Awards include Most Innovative Partner, Partner of the Year and most Brilliant Partner. Dave Male, BT Partner Manager.

We've grown our business with the help of Netify and the support of the BT account team.”

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Award winning partner.

Winner of the most Brilliant BT Partner in 2020.

Netify won last years most Brilliant Partner award with competition from over 20+ Authorised Partners. In part, this is due to our work with Authorised BT & EE Resellers.

Amber Baxter

Head of Netify Resellers

"Our team have recently launched our new reseller ordering portal which includes livechat which enables resellers to request the latest EE mobile and SIM only pricing within minutes. With strong onboarding, processes and administration, Netify is recognised as one of the top partners currently operating within the UK."

Dayna Pendergast

Business Administrator

"I've personally been involved with both BT and EE for the last few years working to process orders as they arrive through our portal. With full access to the EE business portal, we continue to check stock together with the latest offers and deals to position our resellers to work as efficiently as possible."

What support do we offer Resellers?

Order Portal

Simple to use, place your customer orders online with exactly the information required to ensure accurate placement. We support, phone, tablet and PC access. The order portal supports all EE & BT Business products and services.


Placed on a monthly basis

Unique Reseller ID

With every Netify Reseller, we assign a unique ID for order tracking and commissions. The ID is generated by BT via Internal systems and is a reflection on your status with EE & BT Business.


Example reseller ID

Daily & Weekly Reporting

We'll send you your unique weekly report against your Reseller ID for order tracking. Quickly understand order status allowing your business to better manage clients. If you are looking to place regular business, we'll arrange a weekly review call.


Call per week for all Resellers

EE Order Manager

Our Resellers receive the support of a dedicated Netify EE order manager resulting in a consistent, predictable sales experience.


Dedicated order managers