How to join the BT Reseller Programme?

To become a BT Reseller, your business will need to engage with an existing BT Authorised Partner. You will also need to demonstrate an understanding of brand compliance with a solid route to market.


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BT Business Distribution

Founded in 2009 as The Network Union, our BT distribution business is the enabler to unlocking Business Broadband, Cloud Voice, BTNet leased lines, iPhone, Samsung, SIM only and tablet sales.

Today, we work with over 40 Authorised BT Resellers placing business across portfolio. We offer the most robust onboarding, product training, sales support and reporting in the channel.

Netify is currently the largest distributer of BT Business products across the UK.

Award winning partner.

Winner of the 2020 BT Brilliant Partner award.

In 2020, we received the BT Brilliant Business Partner award. As previous award winners, we're excited to continue our success by recruiting further Authorised Resellers to leverage the BT Business portfolio.

2020 BT Reseller Programme

What are the base requirements to apply?

All applicants must understand the Reseller Programme is business to business only. There is currently no white-label offering. BT own the contract, support and invoice the client. Prior to applying, your business must be operational with a business website and email address.

How to apply? 1

Step 1

You'll require a business URL and email address, you cannot apply with a free email account. 2

Step 2

Complete the initial application form with accurate detail about your interest in becoming a BT/EE Reseller. 3

Step 3

We will arrange a 30 minute interview. Learn more about us and we'll learn more about your business. 4

Step 4

If successful, you will receive an on boarding call with product, process & compliance training.

What commissions are available?

The following commissions are based on 70% maximum share. Commissions may vary depending on your committed volume.

We've grown our business with the help of Netify and the support of the BT account team.”

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Amber Baxter

Business Development

Amber Baxter heads up the Netify administration team. Within BT, Amber is often used to trial new Reseller capabilities due to her extensive experience with systems and processes. There really is nobody else with such a rounded level of knowledge across orders, reporting and BT back office.

Dayna Pendergast

Business Administrator

Dayna works on order placement and reporting. With experience working across Broadband and Cloud Voice, Dayna offers admin efficiency and accuracy. Dayna joined Netify in 2018 and continues to offer value to our Reseller base with consistently positive feedback.

David Male

BT Partner Manager

David Male is our assigned BT Partner Manager. With over a decade of experience, David offers insights into how to build revenue streams from BT Business products and services together with providing sales support including meetings and conference calls.

Robert Sturt

Managing Director

Robert formed Network Union in 2009 with the intent of combining the logistical networking capability of BT Business with the consultative technical account management of a boutique organisation. Rebranded as Netify, we are consistently a top performing BT Premier Partner.

We're a double award winning partner, formed as The Network Union in 2009.

Since 2009, Netify has been working with Resellers gaining hard won experience. Over the years we've won Partner of the Year, Most Innovative Partner and have recently been awarded Premier Partner status.

Our customer & reseller base is diverse from large retailers to education. In 2019, we rebranded from The Network Union to Netify. Netify is the new brand name for The Network Union.












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BT Business

What services are included within the BT Reseller Programme?

  • BT Business Lines and Copper Services
  • BT Superfast Broadband with 4G Assure - FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)
  • BT Cloud Voice and SIP
  • BT Cloud Voice Express
  • BTNet Ethernet Leased Lines
  • BT Ethernet Point to Point and Multipoint
  • BT Optical Connect
  • EE Mobile, SIM only, Tablets and Apple Watch

Why become an Authorised BT Reseller vs applying for full partnership access?

BT Business work with approximately 20-30 Authorised Partners at any one time during each financial year. Partners are empowered to recruit BT Resellers to widen the channel reach across portfolio.

All businesses interested in selling BT are encouraged to follow the right application path depending on whether your organisation believes a full Partnership would be a good fit or whether you feel becoming an Authorised Reseller for BT is a more suitable option.

If you are interested in a full partnership, BT will require your business to have the expertise across telecoms products including Cloud, Data and Internet plus you will be evaluated based on turnover and market reach as targets will be set across the portfolio. The Authorised Reseller option is available for everyone else where becoming a full Partner is not a good fit or a direct BT relationship is not a possibility.

The Netify BT Reseller Program offers the training you need across products, sales and compliance to fit your company objective. Become a commission based agent with fast access to new revenues.


What support do we offer Resellers?

We've created an end to end Reseller support process which encompasses several key areas from order placement to reporting. We know how to work with internal BT systems and resources in order to achieve the best possible results.

Order Portal

Simple to use, place your customer orders online with exactly the information required to ensure accurate placement. We support, phone, tablet and PC access. The order portal supports all BT Business products and services.


Placed on a monthly basis

Unique Reseller ID

With every Netify Reseller, BT assign a unique ID for order tracking and commissions. The ID is generated by BT via Internal systems and is a reflection on your status with BT Business.


Example reseller ID

Daily & Weekly Reporting

Created by BT, we'll send you a daily and weekly report against your Reseller ID for order tracking. Quickly understand order status allowing your business to better manage clients. If you are looking to place regular business, we'll arrange a weekly review call.


Call per week for all Resellers

Cloud Voice Order Manager

Our Resellers receive the support of a dedicated Cloud Voice order manager resulting in a consistent, predictable sales experience.


Dedicated order managers


How do you sell BT Cloud Voice, BT Leased Lines and Broadband? Please complete our BT Business reseller application here.

How do you sell EE Business SIM only and mobile? Please complete our EE Business reseller application here.

Which products can I sell? The majority of BT Business products are available including PSTN, Broadband, Call Packages, EE Mobile, Cloud Voice and BTNet leased lines. We also offer extensive support across BT data products including MPLS, VPLS, SHDS and SIP for companies looking to transition into complex services.

Is BT Wholesale a better option? Your business will need to own the contract and support/bill the customer. As a Reseller, you can concentrate on selling services without the need to invest in a support infrastructure.

What am I responsible for? As a commission based reseller, you will essentially become an agency of BT. BT will pay commissions for the products you sell. BT will support and bill the end client, your organisation is responsible for generating the sale and fielding customer care calls relating to your sales process.

Can I become a full BT Partner? Joining BT as a full Partner requires commitment, there's a target and the requirement to sell across portfolio. And you'll need to demonstrate a solid route to market. If you feel your business would be suitable, we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Can I sell BT consumer/residential products? The BT Business program is business to business only. If you're looking to sell services into residential customers, Wholesale products are your only option.

What about compliance? Accessing the BT brand is a clear and tangible benefit. However, there are guidelines to follow which are essential if you wish to work with BT over the longer term. How you represent yourself, your website and clear articulation of pricing to your customer base are the overall essential elements.

Can I generate leads via telemarketing? If your business intends to generate sales via telemarketing, you should carefully consider your calling data. The use of good business data is one of the pillars to success. Aside from calling data, one of the major challenges is training and compliance of agents. Again, any telemarketing applicant should carefully consider how to ensure the BT brand is protected in a fast changing industry.

Can I sell or upgrade existing BT customers? Yes, most of the time. Performing upgrades and adding incremental value to any BT customer is allowed and encouraged. If you know of an existing BT client where they are looking to resign their business, there is a good possibility that you’ll be able to upgrade and resign the contract into your BT relationship.

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Netify are a Premier Partner of BT. We've won multiple awards and continue to offer the best possible admin and sales training to support your business. Interested in becoming a BT Reseller?

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