What does Netify do?

Free from the start. Netify is an SD WAN, SASE security and connectivity marketplace. We connect SD WAN, SASE security and connectivity vendors to your IT team across SME and large Enterprise business using extensive research.

The Netify marketplace combines online automated research and pricing tools with real trusted adviser presales resources.

How do we do that?

With one login, users are able to compare, shortlist, read reviews, price and contact Gartner rated vendors across the UK, US and selected International locations. We are staffed by UK and North American technical presales consultants who are available on an unlimited basis via Zoom or face to face (post Covid19) to help bring each element of your solution together.

What does Netify offer?

  • Free login to the Netify market network, compare vendors in realtime and request pricing all via one platform

  • Free, on-demand access to our presales team, choose all or some of the following elements:
    • Live, in-person consultancy for your team on an unlimited basis
    • Creation of an SoR (Statement of Requirements) based on business needs
    • RFP content production (we offer both online and Word RFP templated content which we bespoke to your needs)
    • Pricing across SD WAN, SASE and connectivity
    • Project management
    • Ongoing account and service management as a 3rd party adviser

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How does Netify make money?

Netify operates as an agency based business which means we monetise vendors and partners. We get paid by the companies we work with, but the payment we get will never make any difference to how much you pay for any product or service you buy through us.

In order for Netify to make money, we request your authority to become your agent of record (AoR).

Do I sign a contract with Netify or the vendor?

Netify holds contractual agreements with the vendor, your contract will be signed directly with the vendor and not Netify but only if you decide to buy services.

Why do you need Netify?

The majority of our clients do not have the resources to conduct necessary vendor research and make sense of the output. In addition, Netify helps to project and service manage all accounts we work across. You will also retain a relationship with the vendor and can leverage both contacts as required.

Why do vendors work with indirect partners such as Netify?

Almost all vendors operate via channel sales as the core focus of their sales approach. The vendors prefer this mode of operating as it extends their reach. The channel is less expensive to operate vs the equivalent direct sales force.

Is Netify a value added reseller?

Netify is not a reseller. You will not receive a bill or invoice from Netify.

Is Netify a startup company?

Netify is part of The Network Union, a UK company which was founded in 2009. We created Netify to help businesses compare SD WAN, SASE security and connectivity.

How do I become a Netify free client?

Click the link below to book a Zoom meeting. We'll share with you a little about what we do, you share the same and we'll decide whether to talk further.

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How can Netify help your business?

Netify is a market network which connects Enterprise IT teams with the best-fit SD WAN, SASE security and connectivity vendor or provider. Free from the start, users and vendors can collaborate on a single platform which includes vendor research and in-contract management.

I've worked with the Netify team for over 7 years. During that time, we've found their approach and expertise invaluable when making complex telecoms decisions.”

Richard Kirkland


Everything IT teams need to transact SD WAN

"Netify is a Network Union company. We've been in business since 2011 helping brands which include British Legion, Tilney, CDC, Russell Finex, Permira and Medivet."

On the demand side, IT teams are challenged to evaluate complex vendors, distributers, service providers and professional services consultancies. On the vendor supply side, it is often difficult to bring their marketing to the best-fit clients. The Netify market network brings everything together.












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